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I have had the opportunity to discuss, hire, and work with Henry on several projects around our home in New Canaan Ct.  After completing 2 projects/jobs on our house, I can say with complete confidence that Henry is one of the most polished, hardworking, and responsible roofers I have ever met. When we had a leakage problem on our flat roof, Henry was able to diagnose, and fix the roof within several working days.  The great news is!!..the flat roof has not leaked since. In addition to this, Henry was kind enough, out of his busy schedule, to fix several copper gutters that were damaged in a most recent storm within days of my phone call.   I would highly recommend Henry for any complex roofing job in Fairfield County...he gets it!!  Hes experienced, hardworking, and the best roofing company in Fairfield Cty. Thank you Henry!!

Kevin Rafalski, Fairfield, CT